Bent-over Dumbbell Breeding – Rear Delt Workout

ByJoe Louis

Apr 27, 2021
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Bent-over dumbbells can be raised on the back of the shoulder, or on the upper part of the pectoral muscles. Both exercises have the same name, but fundamentally different techniques. We will talk about the most common option, which means bent-over dumbbell breeding – this is training the posterior bundle of the deltoid muscles of the shoulder.

This is what you need to know

by us, the exercise is designed to work out the posterior bundles of deltoids. The back of the deltoid muscles of the shoulder allows the arms to move up and back. Without these muscles, arm mobility would be incomplete.

Bent-over dumbbell lift is an exercise that makes sense to do the last in your workout. Despite the fact that it is actually intended for the shoulders, it is usually performed on the day of the back, since in its own version it loses all meaning.

The rear deltoids are not as vulnerable as the middle ones or front, so they can be done even after a heavy load on the upper back.

For example, today you did pull-ups, block deadlifts, biceps. Finish your workout with a bent-over stroke. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.

If you experience pain while abducting your arms up and back, do not swing dumbbells in an incline. Let the deltoid heal, then you can do such wiring.

If done incorrectly, the load from the necessary muscles goes to the trapezius muscles, round and rhomboid. This way you won’t be able to achieve hypertrophy of the back of the shoulder.

Technique: standing bent over breeding

If all the benches are occupied, you can do exercise while standing in front of a mirror. It is important that you see yourself in reflection.

Техника разведений в наклоне

Take 2 dumbbells weighing 3-4 kg (believe me, if you are a beginner – this is more than enough).

  1. Stand 1-1.5 meters in front of the mirror.
  2. Feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel. Bend your knees slightly and bend your torso towards your hips. At the same time, keep your back straight, but do not raise your shoulders. The trapezoid should not turn on. It is advisable to bend to an angle of 45-60 degrees relative to the floor.
  3. Fix your gaze straight, for this slightly raise your head up.
  4. The dumbbells should be turned so that their handles are oriented parallel to the feet. Bend your arms slightly at the elbows, fix the angle.
  5. Remember that your elbows will have to move up. Therefore, when you start moving your arms to the sides, turn your arms so that your elbows are directed to the ceiling.
  6. Try not to bring your shoulder blades together – work purely with the back bundle of deltoids.
  7. Raise your arms to parallel with the floor. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds and for 5-10 seconds on the last rep.

Bent-over dumbbell lifting is a very delicate exercise. Minor deviations from the correct technique will lead to the uselessness of the training. Therefore, let’s look at the most common mistakes, and what can happen as a result.


These moments of mistakes can make the exercise ineffective and harm your health:

  • Small tilt angle. In this position, the middle beam of deltas works. If you want to pump it, you need to do other exercises, for example, standing up dumbbells.
  • Elbows are turned back – in this position, the desired part of the shoulder is not loaded again. The elbows should point straight up, to the ceiling, to the sky. Watch this.
  • Arms are straight – other muscles of the back are involved in the work, although you were going to only swing the back of the shoulder. Why do you need it?
  • When the weight is heavy, the arms bend during the exercise. The angle at the elbow joint must be fixed at all times. If you feel like you can’t do a single rep (or few) without bending your arms, take on less weight.
  • It’s hard for beginners to tense the right muscle, they don’t know (because they haven’t felt yet) that should work in a specific exercise and what not. Therefore, they do swings in an inclined position in such a way that they strain the entire back. The correct technique and awareness of how to work will come later with the training experience.
  • Round back. You are in a tilt. If the back is rounded, the load will fall on the lower back, which may not end very well. The correct position for this exercise is to bend in the lower back.

Bent over swing while sitting on a bench

For those who find it difficult to swing dumbbells to the sides in an incline in a standing position, an easier option was invented – sitting on a bench. In it, your body lies on your knees (literally).

The technique is as follows:

  1. Find a bench, take small dumbbells.
  2. Sit on the edge facing the mirror. Bring your knees together.
  3. Bend forward with your back straight. Bring your chest to your knees and stop in this position.
  4. Your chest is on your knees. In this position, you reach 60-70 degrees of inclination relative to the plane of the floor.
  5. From this position, you reach with your hands to the floor. That is, the dumbbells are on the floor on either side of you.
  6. Take them and begin to lift them, trying to turn your elbows towards the ceiling. Without this, you will swing something else.
  7. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 times. Do not forget to warm up well before exercise. The rear deltoids can also be pulled. The muscle is small, but the effort creates quite a lot.

Remember to breathe correctly when doing swings with dumbbells while sitting: when we raise our arms, we exhale, lower them, we inhale.

In this position, the knees press on the chest, making it difficult to breathe at full amplitude. Therefore, try not to completely lie on your knees.

The subtleties of choosing weight

For the first workout, you need to take the smallest weight available in the gym. Usually it is 1-2 kg. Do not be shy – your task is to develop a technique. And all this is worked out on light weights.

For the second workout, that is, in a week (it is better to train the rear deltoids once every 6-7 days). You will already take 3-4 kg. In the first month, it is better not to chase the scales, as well as later. Work in a way that is comfortable for you. Let your body remember the necessary movements.

When building up weights, make sure that the bent-over dumbbell raises are correct! If your arms begin to bend more, you cannot spread them to the desired position – the weight is large.

This is an isolated exercise on the shoulders, and is not a strength exercise. That is, regardless of whether you are doing bent-over dumbbell breeding with 15 kg dumbbells, or 5, your task is to do everything efficiently, to get the maximum benefit. Then the effectiveness will be maximum.

Упражнение для задних дельт

If you do not have back problems, you have good stretching, then do the arm lift with dumbbells in an incline while standing. The seated option is more comfortable, but relaxes the back.