Reggae star of France: tennis player Yannick Noah

ByJoe Louis

Apr 4, 2021
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Greg Valentino

The smallest strongman unlocks our top of the biggest bodybuilders in the world. His height is only 168 cm, but a miniature man can not be called in any way, because Greg Valentino is the owner of the largest arms in bodybuilding. The girth of his biceps is 69 cm. It is clear that such a result cannot be achieved with ordinary training. But Greg does not hide the fact that he once actively dabbled in anabolic steroids and anabolic steroids. Well, guys can only dream of such sizes, and girls can admire a magnificent body!

Paul Gauguin: Tahitian noa-noa soaked me through

… Once men launched a double boat with a long rod at the bow, which can be quickly lifted with two ropes tied at the stern. This device allows you to immediately pull out the fish as soon as it bites. Through a passage in the reef we went far out to sea. The turtle watched us go. The pilot told one of the men to drop the hook. Time passed – no bite. Another person was appointed. This time it was a great fish, and the rod bent. Four strong hands pulled up the rope that held the rod, and the tuna began to approach the surface. At that moment, a shark attacked the prey. Several quick movements of the jaws – and we were left with one head from the tuna. The fishing started unsuccessfully. It was my turn to try, and soon we pulled out a large tuna. A few hard blows to the head with a stick were enough to make the shiny, rainbow-colored torso thrash in its death throes. Abandoned again – success again. There is no doubt: this Frenchman is lucky. They shouted that I was great. I listened with pride to the praise and didn’t mind.

The fishing lasted until the evening, and the sun had already painted the sky crimson when we ran out of bait. We prepared to return. Ten excellent tunas made our boat quite heavy. While the others were gathering tackle, I asked one young man why everyone was laughing and whispering so much when they pulled my two tunas out of the sea. He did not want to answer, I insisted. Then he told me that when the hook catches the fish on the lower jaw, it means that the catcher, while he was walking in the sea, was changed by his vahina. I smiled incredulously. We have returned. Night falls quickly in the tropics. Twenty-two strong hands together plunged the oars into the water, obeying the rhythm that the screams set. The night lights flickered in the wake like snow; I had the feeling that we were participating in a violent race, and the only spectators were the mysterious inhabitants of the depths and schools of curious fish that followed us, jumping out of the water from time to time.

The prey was spread on the sand. The helmsman divided it equally according to the number of participants in the catch, making no distinction between men, women and children, between those who went to sea, and those who caught fish for bait. It turned out thirty-seven parts. My vakhina took an ax, chopped wood and lit a fire. My fish is fried. After a thousand questions about how the fishing went, it was time to go home and go to bed. I was eager to ask one question. Is it worth it? Finally said:

– Did you behave well?

– Yes.

– You’re lying. The fish betrayed you.

An expression such as I have never seen before appeared on her face. As if she was praying … Finally she obediently approached me and with tears in her eyes said:

– Beat me, beat me hard. But her submissive face and wonderful body reminded me of a flawless statue, and I felt that eternal damnation would strike me if I raised my hand to such a masterpiece of creation. She was for me a lovely golden flower, full of fragrant Tahitian noa-noa, I idolized her as an artist and as a man …

– Beat me, – she said.

– Otherwise you will be angry with me for a long time, and anger will make you sick. Instead, I hugged her.

Ray Williams

Williams, the 9th biggest bodybuilder in the world, once worked as a football coach at Alabama College. But he really wanted to be successful in the field of powerlifting and walked towards his dream. In 2014, Ray became the American champion in squatting in the weight category up to 125 kg. Ray believes that diet is the secret of his success. He eats dishes prepared in the spirit of the “food of the southern states.” How productive this food is, see for yourself: the heavyweight weighs 163 kg and is 182 cm tall.

Greg Kovacs

Kovacs, ranked 8th on the list of the largest bodybuilders in the world, weighs 150 kg with a height of 191 cm. He once cherished the dream of becoming a hockey player. Greg even played on the Canadian junior ice hockey team. But he quickly realized that he was attracted to powerlifting. During his career, he took part in dozens of different professional competitions, and after his retirement he became a coach.

How they were created

The perfumery history of the brand dates back to 1978 and continues successfully to this day. Since the founding of the French fashion house, it has been central to its products.

Among the variety of products, the key for the Casharel brand is the perfume for women Cacharel Noa, the author of which is Olivier Cresp, known in the most prestigious circles of the highest light.

кашарель ноа

Olivier was born into a family of perfumers, so from his youth he was surrounded by a wide variety of scents, and at the age of 7 he was able to independently combine harmonious oils and determine the subtlest shades in their overall structure.

He was faced with a task with which he did brilliantly: to enclose tenderness and crystal purity in a bottle. The prototype of the composition was Noah – a character from an ancient legend who saved her chosen one. The aromatic product was invented for sincere, one might say, heavenly representatives of the fair sex.

It surrounds its owner with a haze of enchanting feelings, plunges into another world where there is no place for negative thoughts and problems.

On this wave, innocent and meek Noa conquered the world, delighting romantic natures. Its release date is 1998.

Since the founding of the brand, both famous actresses and little-known models have been attracted to advertising products. The main selection criterion was the image, which should be in harmony with the concept. This later became a kind of visiting card of the French house.

Fantastic sums were spent on the development, creation and promotion of new positions, but it was for the clip of the pearl that an unknown fragile oriental girl was selected. In the video, she stands in the middle of a noisy street, in spite of those around her. In her hands is a crystal ball, and all attention is directed to the magic scent that is dizzy.

Mikhail Koklyaev

Our compatriot bears the title of “The Strongest Man of Russia”, is a multiple world champion in weightlifting. He began his sports career with karate and boxing, which he was engaged in in his youth. Then he switched to weightlifting, and away we go … At the moment he is training the Russian national power extreme team. The Russian hero, who is one of the largest bodybuilders in the world, weighs 140 kg, with a height of 193 cm.

Lou Ferrigno

A bodybuilder with a difficult fate. He was not expected to be a professional success by many famous bodybuilders. But Lou, the 4th largest bodybuilder in the world, stubbornly pursued his goal and achieved success: he became “Mr. Universe.” In childhood, he suffered an acute form of otitis media, due to which he could lose his hearing. Ferrigno, weighing 125 kg, height 197 cm and biceps volume equal to 58 cm, is not only a bodybuilder, but also an actor and trainer.

Aditya Dev

The bodybuilder career is available to everyone. Aditya Dev, a resident of India, proved this on his own experience. He suffers from one form of dwarfism, which is why by the age of 23 he was only 88 centimeters tall and weighing just over 9 kilograms.

Адитья Дев

Despite this, the smallest bodybuilder worked hard on his body, squeezing the maximum out of nature. To do this, he used special simulators, barbells, dumbbells, weights.

Unfortunately, at the age of 23 he died from a ruptured aneurysm in the brain. This disease often lies in wait for dwarfs, and Aditya Dev knew about the presence of two aneurysms in the brain, but contrary to the recommendations of the doctors he continued to train.

Kirill Sarychev

The youngest athlete in our ranking of the greatest bodybuilders in the world. Kirill is only 26 years old, and he already holds the title of international master of sports in powerlifting and bench press. In parallel with the competition, he is a postgraduate student at the Saratov Agrarian University. Performs both at Russian and international competitions. With a height of 197 cm, Sarychev has a weight of 160 kg.

Adidas Yannick Noah

His signature dreadlocks and ferocious forehand were complemented by a wide smile. Perhaps that is why it was always fun and interesting on the court when Yannick Noah played. Winning the 1983 French Open in front of an admiring crowd at Roland Garros in Paris is still remembered with reverence.

At that landmark meeting with the Swede Mats Wilander, Yannick Noah won three consecutive sets in the final and became the first and last French who received the men’s singles title.

Just three years ago, news broke that Yannick was selling adidas Stan Smith signed by Yannick Noah, in which he was at that iconic match. In the 80s, Noah really wore the outfit from the German brand. However, for the Championship in France, he had already signed a contract with Le Coq Sportif and was on the court in their shoes. The fake news amused the Cameroonian himself, who more than once suggested that everyone go barefoot and “take off your stinking shoes.”

Among other significant victories, I would like to note the French doubles title with compatriot and best friend Henri Leconte in 1984. Noah also finished second in men at the 1985 US Open and 1987 at the French Open. In August 1986, the tennis player reached the title of the first racket of the world in doubles and retained the title for 19 weeks.