The hand does not hold objects what to do. The main causes of weakness in the hands

ByJoe Louis

Mar 25, 2021
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Weakness in the arms and shoulders is one of the most common problems among both boys and girls. Due to the flabbiness of the muscles, the arms can have unattractive shapes and the finesse of the weaker sex is quickly lost. To prevent this, you can carry out simple workouts at home. Learn how to strengthen your arms and shoulders without going to the gym.

Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbells are the most common sports equipment. If not, you can use water or sand bottles. Using dumbbells, you can perform bending of the arms, extension of the arms in an upright position, swinging the arms, as well as training for endurance by lifting the dumbbells in front of you and holding them for some time in this position. During such workouts, biceps, triceps are formed, and the shoulder muscle and forearm also work. The intensity of the workout is set experimentally – you need to pay attention to how you feel after each workout. If necessary, the load can be increased, the main thing is to do it gradually.

How do you know if your shoulders are moving forward?

To determine if there are problems with your shoulders, you need to take two pencils in your hands and if in a relaxed position the tips of the pencils look at each other, it means your shoulders are drooping. In other words, the shoulders have gone forward, or the shoulders can be said to be slumped forward.

This is due to overextension of the front delta, neck, chest and overextended biceps. As well as relaxed back muscles. In addition, in such a situation, excessive contraction and overstrain of the biceps tendons occurs. That is, bringing the shoulder girdle inward and bending the arm.

Therefore, guys with small hands look like guys with wide back syndrome. The arms are not close to the body, as if something is preventing them from snuggling.

So this is what this story about bringing the shoulders down to … him such a problem. This is a muscle imbalance. For guys with normal pumped-up arms, the shoulder girdle is turned back. And their shoulder joint is in the correct position, conceived by nature. Their shoulders fall normally, where they should fall, that is, they are not pulled forward or up. And her arms are fully unbend at the elbows, lowered and she fully unbend. Then they do not unbend it themselves, and the arm easily straightens without additional efforts.

When there are no problems with the shoulder joint and the position of the shoulders, then in practice the muscles of the arms will work in full amplitude. Guys with problems in the shoulder joint cannot fully open the chest and open the front part of the shoulder girdle.

That is, when training arms with such problems, it will not be possible to use the weight of the strength potential of the muscles, due to the fact that they are overstrained and bent. And the more stretch you can create in a muscle, through the use of extra weight or exercise, the more muscle responses can be obtained in the form of strength or muscle size.

But when the front of the shoulder girdle is enslaved, then there is dysfunction. And if there are problems with the functioning of the shoulder, then the entire arm will be inoperative to the fingertips.


One of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles of the arms is the plank. Starting position: lying position, hands shoulder-width apart, legs together. In this position, you need to hold out as long as possible. For a quality workout, you can record the results by measuring them with a stopwatch. If you strive to set a new record every day, you will notice how in just a few days your hands will become noticeably stronger and take on new outlines of the shoulders.

Exercises for the wrist and fingers

How to strengthen the arms for the pylon, we figured it out. But when doing pole acrobatics, a significant load falls on, including the hands and fingers – do not forget about them. The easiest way to train your fingers is to use an expander. To strengthen your wrist, you can practice the following simple exercise. Take weights weighing 0.5 kg in both hands and alternately raise and lower them only with the help of brushes.

Remember that each lesson should start with a warm-up and end with a cool down. After a couple of weeks of intense training, you will notice a change. Flabbiness and weakness will remain in the past: your arms will become strong, acquire a beautiful relief, and most importantly, it will become easier to perform tricks on the pole.


There are three variations of push-ups from the floor:

  • alternating the position of the hands – shoulder-width apart, with a wide or narrow grip;
  • changing the inclination of the body – you can push-ups from the floor, from the bench (this is a lightweight version) or putting your feet on the bench ( this option is more complicated);
  • using weights – a small dumbbell or a bag of sand can be used as a weighting agent.

By alternating push-up options, you can work out different parts of the arms and shoulders. During training, the pectoral muscles and lats are also developed. Push-up exercises are best done in time – 1 minute per set, followed by 30 seconds of rest. You can do 3-4 reps and finish your workout. Conducting such classes every day, the result can be seen after a week.

Carefully controlling the load and recording changes, it is important to monitor the health and behavior of the body. By adjusting the load, you can prevent wasting the body and reduce the risk of injury.

How to tighten loose arms so that the skin does not hang

As follows from the above, the solution to this problem lies in an integrated approach: changing the nutrition system and performing physical training so that the skin of the hands does not hang. With strict adherence to all points, the results can be felt in four to six weeks. Let’s take a look at these issues separately.

  • Lifestyle and dietary changes . With the right approach to this point, first of all, you need to observe the sleep and wakefulness regime – the duration of sleep should not be less than 7.5 hours a day and not exceed 9 hours. In addition, creating a calorie deficit is an important step. To lose 0.5-1kg of fat per week, you need to burn 500-1000 calories every day. It is recommended to reduce the amount of food intake by 10-15 percent by the same decrease in the amount of absorbed portions. The aim is to reduce a single meal intake with increasing frequency of intake. Try to eat complex carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables. Use lean meats (skinless chicken breast), seafood, or legumes for protein sources.
  • Exercise. As I mentioned above, you need to solve two problems: burn excess fat and tone the muscles of the arms with the help of exercises for the arms so that the skin does not hang. Let’s go in order. To reduce hand fat, you must reduce your overall body fat percentage. This will require cardio workouts. Running or cycling for 30 minutes a day is effective for burning fat. Together with strength training, you can significantly speed up this process. If your goal is to get rid of sagging arms, then the order is as follows: first, we are engaged in the total body weight, and after that we just begin to perform tonic exercises for sagging arms. And, as I said before, this problem mainly concerns women and girls.

The good thing is that all these parts of training, starting with cardio exercises and strength exercises, can be perfectly done at home. Especially in this series, exercises with their own weight stand out, for which no special conditions are required at all.