What is fitboxing?

ByJoe Louis

Apr 28, 2021
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What is a fitbox and how is it different from a regular box?

This is not a self-defense lesson. Fitboxing is designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase energy expenditure and combat physical inactivity. This is an option for quick psychological relaxation for those who are under stress and want something more active than regular aerobics.

The blows are applied to a special pear:

  • lighter than a boxer’s inventory;
  • at least two people must work on the apparatus;
  • the punching bag prevents bruises on the shins and knuckles.

Clients are divided into twos and threes and choose a pear. The lesson begins with a warm-up from the usual aerobic steps. Then punches and kicks alternate on the bag so that it remains stable. Contact fight is excluded. At the end of the lesson, a small block of strength exercises and stretching.

Features of classes for girls

For girls, fitbox has the following advantages:

  • really high calorie consumption;
  • engages the muscles in the arms and shoulder girdle;
  • allows you to strengthen the hips and buttocks (but not pump up);
  • relieves stress and boredom.

Men also attend this class, the lesson has no gender. Usually, the punching force is used on the bag and the guys hit the same punching bag with the guys. But there are also exceptions. The training does not develop any “male muscles” or qualities. This is normal fitness, without a bias in contact fights.

Some instructors say that the lesson will help girls in self-defense, but this is not the case. In real combat, different qualities and a well-delivered blow are required. Fitboxing is more likely to develop mobility, coordination and general fitness.

Recently, the second direction of fitbox has been developing – one-on-one training with an instructor, where the practitioner is given a technique of strikes and it works not only on a pear, but also on “paws” with a trainer. This is closer to real boxing, but the goal of training is more weight loss than self-defense.

Девушка бьет по груше на фитбоксе

Principles and techniques of training

Basic principles – like any high-intensity aerobics. It is better to train no more than 2 times a week if the sessions are one-hour, and 3-4 if half an hour . Before training, it is permissible to carry out strength, but after it – only stretching. For a fast metabolism and a good figure, you need to combine a fitbox with a couple of strength lessons. Ideally, the strength class should be in the gym with a coach, if this is not possible – lessons like Hot Iron will solve the problem.

You shouldn’t supplement the fitbox with cycling or zumba. Too many high-intensity lessons are bad for the heart and blood vessels. It is advisable to go instead to stretching, yoga or the pool.

No special food is required. Only severe calorie deficits and low-carb diets for competitive athletes are not recommended. You can get in good shape with a regular, healthy diet, with a slight deficit if you are looking to lose weight.

Gloves are required for training. Better to get your own. The hand is sweating, clubbing may not smell very pleasant from the inside and cause skin problems. Some people find it more convenient to work in boxing bandages.

Instructor will guide you in technique . The main rule is not to “insert” the elbows and knees, that is, not to overextend the joints, and to move gently. Impact force is not required in fitboxing. The goal is to increase the heart rate, this is achieved solely by increasing the speed.

Fitbox is a workout for any level of fitness, beginners can simply start with less amplitude and force of impact.

The main hits are presented in the following video:

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
High calorie consumption. Shock load on the spine and joints. Do not train with injuries, joint injuries and scoliosis.
The load is evenly distributed between the arms, legs and body. Excessively high heart rate during exercise can negatively affect the health of hypertensive patients.
Not boring, the motivation for exercising is higher than for regular cardio on the treadmill. It is difficult for a beginner to join the team if the group is well-established. It takes a few lessons to adapt to the pace.

Duration of classes

One lesson in a club format lasts an average of 50 minutes. There may be shorter sessions, usually high intensity sessions. To get a visible result, it is better to attend the lesson constantly, for 3-4 months. Fortunately, the fitbox does not get bored quickly. Then you can switch to another similar group workout or do regular strength training and add cardio if necessary.