Zumba is not just a workout, it is a party

ByJoe Louis

Jun 30, 2021
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Zumba Features

Zumba author Alberto Perez was in a hurry to get to work, so he forgot his CD with music. He worked as an instructor of group programs, and there was nothing to do but to put on the first Latin-pop that came across, which was lying in the car. And since the music is informal, then the movements can also be made simpler. This is how a new trend appeared.

Zumba is a group fitness lesson that combines simple latino, hip-hop, classical aerobic steps and basic choreography . Anyone can handle it, even if he has never done something like this.

On a zumba you can:

  • dance, even if you don’t know how;
  • to have fun if there is no time for parties;
  • discard negative;
  • waste calories without thinking about the track and an hour of tedious walking.

The biggest problem with other group lessons is the complex choreography. A person comes to lose weight and cheer up, and instead, he just stands in the back row and tries to figure out where to jump, how to put his feet and not bump into the girl next to him. A couple of such activities, and the “sports career” ends, as it seems that it is impossible to learn all this. So what does it give a Zumba newbie to come back again? Simplicity and the ability to move the way he likes.

Групповой урок зумба

The benefits of this type of training

Purely physiologically, this is one of the types of high-intensity aerobic lessons. Zumba raises the heart rate to the aerobic zone and increases calorie expenditure. How much a particular person will burn depends on his age, weight and how actively he will move. But on average, 400-600 kcal can be spent per hour . This is almost the same as a fan of brisk walking up the hill.

The benefits of practicing zumba are:

  1. Increased daily calorie expenditure, easier to lose weight with moderate dietary restrictions.
  2. The mood improves, because it’s not a dull walk on the track or an exercise bike.
  3. Muscles become toned (if you have never played sports before). There is also a special Strong By Zumba program, which will not help you shake 100 from the chest, but it will strengthen the main muscle groups and relieve sagging. Strong buy zumba is a separate lesson. There is no power section in the regular classroom.
  4. Posture improves, neck and lower back pain disappears, if they were caused by muscle spasm.
  5. New acquaintances appear, entertainment, overall stress level decreases.

What does the motto “Zumba is not a workout, this is a party” mean? That this is fitness for fun and health. The only thing that is required is running shoes, a sports uniform and a membership to a sports club. You don’t need any technical lessons, beginner classes or personal training. Each class is designed for any person. The more you dance, the more intense you dance.

For any provincial city, three zumba classes a week for a month will cost you one pair of jeans in the mass market or two trips to a decent nightclub with drinks and snacks.

A significant plus is that in Moscow, Kiev, Vladivostok or Balakovo, the client will receive the same incendiary lesson. Zumba instructors are trained centrally, they work according to ready-made plans. The music is also handpicked by Zumba Inc, so you won’t be listening to the boring 2001 aerobics mix.

Пример урока по зумбе

Cons and contraindications

The main disadvantage of Zumba is not the lesson itself, but the overestimated expectations from it. Everyone wants to be like the girls from Instagram with abs, pumped up buttocks, straight backs and prominent shoulders. And it turns out only a thinner version of yourself, albeit a happier one.

Zumba dance is a cardio lesson aimed at developing endurance and increasing calorie expenditure. It is not intended for body shaping, that is, pumping up the buttocks and thighs . And he will cope with flaccid triceps alone, only if the girl is relatively young and slender.

By visiting Zumba three times a week, we create a deficit of about 1200 kcal. This is enough to burn a measly 150 grams of fat. If these rates of weight loss are not satisfactory, you will need to slightly limit the diet, create a daily calorie deficit.

In general, you will not become a fitness girl in a month of attending group classes. And the lesson has contraindications:

  • exacerbation of hypertension.
  • any joint problems in the lower extremities with which shock loading is prohibited.
  • a strict “drying” diet and serious strength training.
  • severe scoliosis, in which jumping load is not recommended.
  • problems with hip joints.
  • heart disease in which high heart rate is prohibited.
  • tachycardia caused by medication (usually l-thyroxine).
  • ARI and ARVI are temporary contraindications.

Several options for zumba movements

There are many basic movements. Here are some of them:

  • A mambo step is a simple step forward and slightly inward towards the midline of the body. The weight is transferred to the front leg, the thigh is “twisted” towards the center of the body.
  • A round is a mambo-step path, but only with a rotation around the supporting leg. You can also bend the support at the knee to increase the load.
  • Kickback – swing the leg backward, the gluteal muscles tighten. And to heighten the dance effect, you can raise your hands up.
  • Pendulum is a jump from right to left leg.
  • Cha-cha-cha – step-jump with swinging hips to the side.

Tips for Beginners

It is important for beginners to determine their priorities:

  1. If the goal is to lose weight and build a beautiful figure, it will not be enough to attend only Zumba lessons 2-3 times a week. Additionally, you need to work out in the gym 2-3 times a week, working out each large muscle group in a mode of 8-12 repetitions in 10-12 working approaches. What for? To keep the buttocks rounded, the arms do not “sag”, and the stomach has turned into a taut abs. The gym is a guarantee of good muscle shape and tone, and zumba is a “developer”, that is, a way to increase calorie expenditure.
  2. If you just need to have a little fun, overcome routine and stress, you can go either only to Zumba, or visit it 1-2 times a week, and the rest of the time, give preference to other group activities. The minimum for beginners is two classes of 1 hour per week.

Do I need to buy any special form? Although there are branded leggings and T-shirts on sale, they are completely optional. You can wear any comfortable pants and T-shirt that wicks away sweat, but sneakers and sportswear are a must.

The most important advice is not to take what is happening too seriously. Relax, the more amplitude and freedom the movements are, the more benefit you will get from the session.

Шаги в зумбе

Can you lose weight with a zumba?

Losing weight on a zumba is an individual thing. You can lose weight if:

  1. Rational nutrition has been established – from 1.5 to 2 g of protein per kg of body weight, 1 g of fat and about 1.5-2 g of carbohydrates . Accordingly, a calorie deficit is created.
  2. Food enters the body regularly, there is always what you need at hand, not burgers and cola.
  3. The diet is not too scarce in the range of products and does not get boring.
  4. Training is not redundant. Walking on a zumba every day, adding step, fitbox and cycling to it, and also an hour on the treadmill and a little work with a personal trainer is a sure way to quit fitness without losing weight. The body is overworked, the central nervous system gets tired, the person either gets injured, or secretly or explicitly overeats. Therefore, weight loss workouts should be reasonably planned, and then they will help.

Zumba is suitable for everyone who likes the format of the dance lesson and wants to have fun. It is not intended for drying before a competition or additional training for athletes, but for an average person it will help to cope with physical inactivity, fatigue, excess weight and bad mood.