Weekly Weight Exercise Set

ByJoe Louis

May 18, 2021
alexandr yashankin

Follow the suggested plan to achieve pleasant results in the shortest possible time.

Monday – chest and biceps pumping

  • Press the weighted bar on an incline bench with a wide grip (4 sets of 8-12 times). Consider the first time as a warm-up. For him take 50% of the working weight (working weight). The rest of the sets with a standard weight.
  • Press the bar on a horizontal bench with a wide grip (4 sets of about 6-9 or 8-12 reps). Rather, it is suitable for men who are not new to bodybuilding. Therefore, if you feel that the level of your general fitness does not reach, then it is better to skip this option. Include it in the program as soon as you tighten your fitness level.

On an incline bench, raising dumbbells to the sides (3-4 sets, 12 reps each). This variety is characterized as formative and isolating, therefore more repetitions per set are recommended.

  • Lifting a pancake-weighted bar while standing on the biceps. As in the first exercise, the first tryout is a warm-up. After with a working weight of 2-4 podkh. 9-12 repetitions each to failure.
  • Hammer. This option is not in vain called expanding, since the biceps will grow in width from it. Soon after the start of training, it will be possible to visually see the grown muscle when looking from the front. The number of repetitions is standard.
  • Raising the biceps in concentration (4 / 12-15). Isolation training again. Suitable for shaping the biceps, which is very popular with male athletes.

Medium – pumping back and shoulders

  • Pull-ups on a horizontal bar (4/12). Great for developing a wide back. If the variety is too difficult, skip it and move on to the next.
  • Deadlift (pull) (6-9 / 8-12). The first time is warm-up, so half the load. Do your best, but only once every two weeks.
  • Bent-over barbell row (6-8 / 10-12). The most successful movement for the growth of the broadest back muscles. For non-professionals, we recommend alternating this type of deadlift with the deadlift, so as not to overload the body.
  • Pull the upper block to the chest area (3 / 10-12). Finishing off after pulling up. If there were no pull-ups, then the pull of the block from above to the chest will become one of the most popular for the back muscles…. Minimum for beginners – 2 times.
  • Pulling the lower block to the belt zone (4 / 7-9). This activity is sometimes called rowing. As an alternative to the previous exercise or as finishing it off. The number of repetitions depends on how you use this set.
  • Standing or sitting press the barbell from the chest (army press). For weight gain and shoulder volume. The first is warm-up, and the rest 3-4 are basic.
  • Pull the bar down to the chin. The next basic action from the whole complex. The difference is in the emphasis of the load. In this variant, the accentuated load is directed to the posterior bundles of the deltoid muscles. Alternate this action with a barbell press from the chest. The number of sets is standard.
  • Reverse dumbbell breeding in the incline position. It is a must for working out the shoulders. Repeat 10-12 times, completing 4 complexes.

Friday – pumping legs and triceps

  • Squat, holding the weighted bar on the shoulders. Squatting requires a partner to secure the athlete. The first time is half working weight, and subsequent attempts are already with full load. Standard number of actions.
  • Leg Press (4 / 9-11). It will be difficult to carry out this bench press at home, rather it is for the gym. Suitable both as a main movement and as an additional movement if for some reason you cannot perform squats.
  • Dumbbell Dumbbell Rows (Deadlifts) – the standard number of repetitions. The back of the thigh is involved… We work with dumbbells, as weighting provides the athlete’s correct trajectory and the desired load vector. In the next line, you can replace the dumbbells with a barbell.
  • Bending the legs in the supine position. Perfect workout for the muscles of the thigh, finishing the legs with the right technique. Repeat according to the basic pattern.
  • Barbell with a narrow grip (4 / 10-12). The basis for working out the triceps. After the first warm-up set, work in standard mode to failure.
  • French press (4 to 13-15). Perform both in a prone position and sitting, and you can also stand. Optionally, you can alternate the design options. Note! This exercise loads the elbow joint, so if you feel discomfort in the elbows, then exclude it or do it once every 2 weeks.
  • Extension of the arms in an incline (4 times 13-15). Working out the triceps for relief, running and saturating it with blood. For a week, 1 day of such work is supposed with low weight, but with the most correct technique. If done correctly, you will feel a burning sensation and tension in your triceps.

This complex is perfect for gaining mass for an ectomorph (a person with an accelerated metabolism, not prone to weight gain). The only difference is that the ectomorph will have to “work” harder at the beginning of the “career” to give impetus to the development of muscles.

This training program for gaining muscle mass involves basic exercises + some isolating exercises to better visualize the effect. Do not feel sorry for yourself, then soon the outlines of your body will delight and cause a flurry of admiring compliments from the side.